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There's a pretty big article on Green Day in Flaunt Magazine. They're kind of the cover, but kind of not. I've heard there is a Woodstock cover and then the Green Day cover is inside of that. Don't ask me where to buy the magazine, because I don't know, I purchased my copy on eBay however. I've also uploaded some pictures from the magazine, along with some concert pictures you guys sent in, and some high quality older pictures, into the Picture Vault. As always, click on "Last Uploads" at the top to view the most recent pictures that I added.
Green Day is on the cover of this week's NME Magazine (UK). There's a free CD included with the magazine! Anger is an energy, growled John Lydon, Formerly Johnny Rotten, figurehead of the first generation of punk. And those words rang ... read story
Damn we just keep dishing out the good news. I got an email from someone who said they saw a commercial on the IFC (Independent Film Channel) about "Punk Month" and it showed Billie Joe's face for about 2 seconds and thats all. I looked ... read story
There is a pretty interesting article here for you to check out. "Home Depot Center takes the Grammy winners off its list of banned acts drafted after rowdy Deadheads besieged neighborhood." The show last night in Manchester, NH was ... read story
Nothing really intresting in the Green Day world today. So I thought I'd give you all an update of where American Idiot and it's singles are on today on the charts. Holiday is doing really well so far as a single. Holiday #1 - Modern ... read story
MTVU, MTV's college network, has awarded Green Day an Honorary Degree. Watch Green Day's acceptance speech and words of wisdom to the Class of 2005 right here, before it airs on MTVU. Make sure you check it out, because it's pretty funny ... read story
Hey everyone, I just got back from Pittsburgh about 30 minutes ago. The show last night was amazing, just simply amazing. They played a few songs from A.I. but included older stuff from Dookie, Insomniac, and Nimrod. At the end end of the ... read story
Hello people in GDA Land. An article from has come out with more info about the Wake Me Up video. The video, as we said last week, was directed by Sam Bayer (same as the other 3 news vids), this video is a lot more serious and much ... read story
Greetings friends. I have articles for you to read. There is a small article in People Magazine about Green Day partying after thier SNL performance at Manhattan's Rock Candy club with some other celebrities. Read the article here. ... read story
There's an interview with Billie Joe and Mike about the tour on ET, which airs on both VH1 and MTV. Check your local listings for times. Also reguarding VH1, Holiday is currently at #10 and Boulevard of Broken Dreams is at #7 on the Top ... read story
There are a few articles that are worth reading. Here is one about Green Day retaining their punk image while their lyrics are maturing. Also, the article Bille Joe wrote for Rolling Stone on The Sex Pistols is on the shelves now. The ... read story
omgmattsbackomg. Hey everyone. I've been around, just not really updating 'cause Andres, Tyke, and Courtney have seemed to be holding down the fort quite nicely. But, we've got some news that I just must share. Wake Me Up When September ... read story
Hey guys. I hope every caught Green Day on Saturday Night Live last night. Their performance was awesome. I know that Mike and Billie Joe did an appearence on Steven's Untitled Rock Show, which is on Fuse TV. They taped the appearence ... read story
Some people seem to have a problem with wanting to read, so I'll keep this news post to the point. First off, thanks to all of you for being so patient in getting the site back up. It is running a bit slow, but that problem should be fixed ... read story
I have added a comment part to the news updates. All the new updates will have a place to leave comments on the new posts. It is located next to the "Posted by:" section on the bottom of the update. Please do not abuse it though, do not ... read story
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