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The 'Know Your Enemy' music video will make it's big debut in less than a month, and director Matthew Cullen talked a bit about it with MTV. He said the video will be centered around a performance of the band in an urban down-town L.A., and that the performance was "huge" along with his goal of trying to showcase and interpret the lyrics.
"Oh, this was definitely the biggest video I've ever done. It has a lot of really big visuals, because I was trying to match the song, which is huge. Not to mention Green Day are an incredible group; one of the biggest in the world, and definitely one of the most significant. So I just went in there and tried to bring all of that to life.

The single should be released by "mid-April", so i would assume about 2 more weeks from now, with the video making it's premiere April 24th. This article definitely has me excited for it.
With the news yesterday that 'American Idiot' was being transformed into a play (which some of you might have missed considering GDA was down all day yesterday), many places are talking about it, and there's a few more details about it. ... read story
The New York Times announced that "American Idiot" has been turned into a musical and will debut in Berkley, CA at the Repertory Theater on September 4 and run through October 11th. The musical was created by Michael Mayer, award-winning ... read story
Rocksound Magazine has a 5 page feature marking the 20th anniversary of Green Day. Nothing new about the album, they only say that Green Day will "dominate the year" with 21CB. It is filled with a bunch of little facts about the bands ... read story
Green Day's first music video from 21st Century Breakdown, "Know Your Enemy" will be premiered across MTV networks on April 24th at 8pm. "The clip will premiere at 8 p.m. ET on MTV, MTV2, MTV Hits, VH1, The N, and MTV Networks' HD channel, ... read story
Spin magazine has confirmed that "21st Century Breakdown"will be released May 15th, on a Friday. The story is the headline on the front page of They also confirm that "Know Your Enemy" will be the first single, and will be ... read story
Green Day's first two albums, 39/Smooth and Kerplunk are being re-released on vinyl today by Reprise Records. The albums are being sold with a 7" single included. View the 39/Smooth vinylView the Kerplunk vinylGreen Day took the albums back ... read story
Rolling Stone published a new article about the album. Nothing new in it, except for a couple quotes from the band, and a color version of the photo they used in the magazine. The majority of it was just a re-hash of the same thing they ... read story
MTV Japan has announced that Green Day is expected to play at the MTV Japan Music Video Awards on May 30th. We haven't heard this from the band, but the industry site FMQB is reporting the news, and the MTV Japan site has this picture up of ... read story
The first round in our "Record a Sawng" contest is done, and winning drum entry was Tim D. You can listen to his original recording on the contest page. We're now accepting entries for bass. So bassists, record yourselves, then visit that ... read story
You can now vote for your favorite drum entry on the contest page. Each entry has a Play button on the left of it so you can preview each track. We added the original song to the background so that people can compare it. Voting will last ... read story
We posted last month that Reprise Records would be releasing 39/Smooth and Kerplunk on vinyl now in March. It turns out that they will release all of Green Day's albums, as well as some singles and Bullet in a Bible, on vinyl throughout the ... read story posted up a new video (runs about 3.5 minutes) with a bunch of old clips of the band, both from music videos and past live shows. It ends with the words "Now in 2009 comes the encore the World has been waiting for", then the ... read story
We mentioned back in October that Pansy Division was covering "Coming Clean" during the recording of their new album "Thats So Gay". Pansy Division is a bay area band that joined Green Day on their tour during Dookie in 1994. They decided ... read story
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