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Cirus, Cribs

By Courtney /Jul. 19, 2002 / Comments
Hey all. Did everyone catch Cribs last night? If you didn't, check out the GD TV Guide for more showtimes. I don't know, I didn't like it that much. I felt like the whole show basically shafted Green Day. They didn't show enough of them, and they had to share their segment of the time with blink-182. It's not one of their best shows, and if you caught MTV's Diary, you're not missing anything with Cribs. The picture to your right of Billie Joe is in this month's issue (July 2002) issue of Circus Magazine. Heh you can see in the background that Tre is giving the finger to someone. View the full size verison of the photo here. And check out the photos from the U.K. @ Witness here
Man. I've had a bad day...week...month.... It was horrible. I'm like so tired and worn out. All I have for you don't miss MTV's CRIBS: How to Live on Tour tonight at 10:00PM EST on MTV. And if you know you're gonna miss it, check out the ... read story
First things first. I saw last night on MTV a commerical for MTV Cribs: Life on Tour. The show will feature bands such as Puff Daddy, blink-182, and Green Day. The first show airs July 17th @ 10:00 PM EST. Check out the GD TV Guide for more ... read story
There's an awesome new Green Day poster out on All Posters. Get it while it's hot! Today I finally updated Collector's Corner. The list has been cleared, and the submissions from June 15th till the present were added. Some people are ... read story
Hey everyone! Sorry I didn't update yesterday, I was in a bad mood. Yesterday (July 12th) was GDA's one year anniversary. More than 40,000 hits in one year......sorta. That counter isn't exactly right, because I've had several before I ... read story
Hey everyone! Shenanigans debuted at #27 on the Billboard 200! I went to Best Buy the other day to pick up a copy for my friend, and they were all sold out. That's good though. :) Well the GDA Contest is officially over. All the entries I ... read story
Hey everyone! I just want to let you know that there is only one more day left to get your banner in the GDA Contest. The contest ends tomorrow, July 10th. I just want to make it clear that even though I will not be accepting anymore ... read story
Alternapunk has a Battle of the Bands going on between blink-182 and Green Day. Click here to vote. FYI, Green Day is winning, only by a little though. There's also a Pop Disaster Review there: "Overall, Green Day definitely stole the ... read story
I went to see Mr. Deeds last night starring the man himself, Adam Sandler! It was good, got see it. Ok, Green Day news. There's a review of the Pop Disaster Tour in Spin Magazine. Click here to read it. It basically says Green Day triumped ... read story
Hey everyone. I forgot to mention that there is some new pictures up at Greenday.com by Mrs. Cool herself. She is quite the photographer. Speaking of official sites, where the hell is the promised Greendaymusic.com's new design? On GDA, I ... read story
Hey! Sorry I didn't update earlier, but I was a little bit busy with the site. Billie Joe and Tre both left new audio message at Greenday.com. Billie sings a song that sounds kinda like When I Come Around, but it's "Second Time Around". It ... read story
Howdy! The Fan List form is now working!! If you tried to submit your details in the last couple of days, please could you submit them again because we didn't receive them. We would also like to wish you all a Happy Independence Day!! Hope ... read story
Happy 4th of July America! Just so you all know, I got all the contest entries for the GDA Contest that I have received up. The newest ones are on page 2. I'm also getting on the job of getting the new Song Meanings pages up so come back ... read story
Hey! Just letting you all know that we're currently having some problems with the fan list form but I'm trying my best to fix it. If you submit yourself for the fan list the form won't work. Sorry for this being a pain in the ass ... read story
Did you get your copy of Shenanigans today? I hope you did. First on the agenda, the GDA Contest. Since there are so many entries, the 2nd place winner will get a regular copy of Shenanigans. Happy happy joy joy. I want everyone to welcome ... read story
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