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We've had a busy week in the Green Day world and we've had a lot to post about too, but there are certainly things that should get some attention. So let's get right to it.

[url=]Diablo: Green Day Stomping Grounds[/url]
This is an interesting article from Diablo Magazine which lists all the places Green Day has stomped their footprint into. This list ranges from 924 Gilman to the Children's Hospital of Oakland. It's a nice list and it shows how much Green Day has reached out and affected the nation.

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Of course, one of the biggest stories this week was Rolling Stone releasing an interview that they did with Green Day at Ocean Way Recording in LA. We posted our story about it but here are some other articles that were posted across the world wide web.

[url=]Perez Hilton: Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong talks trilogy[/url]
Nothing terribly special about this article, except for the fact it's from Perez Hilton and it's full of enthusiasm and excitement. If you'd like an upbeat article about the new albums, this is certainly one to read!

[url=]Contact Music: Green Day releasing dance track[/url]
This is one of the articles which refers to the new track "Kill the DJ" as being a "dance track," according to Billie Joe. It gives decent insight to the song and I'm surprised it's not taking Billie's quote out of context and assuming the track is full of synthetic beats and Fruity Loops synths. Green Day's going electronic! ;)

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The other big news is Green Day releasing a trailer for ¡Dos!. We had our post on it right away but others followed shortly there after with the news.

[url=]Idolator: Green Day Release Album Trailer For '¡Dos!'[/url]
Idolator has posted their round up of Rolling Stone's article and it's a great summary. The article pulls some of the most important and interesting points from the magazine in short and concise manner.

[url=]Ology: Green Day unveils album cover, more music with Dos trailer[/url] gives a great review and recap of the ¡Dos! trailer that was released Thursday. It seems as if the writer knows what he's talking about due to his mention of the Foxboro Hot Tubs. Definitely give this one a read.

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There is no WTF?!?! article this week. We haven't come across any "bad" or "ridiculous" articles, which is a good thing! From what I've noticed, there seems to be nothing but positive things said about the new Green Day info we've come across. Yes, even from the haters that troll on Ultimate Guitar!
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