Hello! Here we are again for another installment of 'The Stuff That Didn't Quite Make It.' This week, we've got quite a bit of stuff about the new trilogy of albums, the "Oh Love" single, and some other various stories and news. So let's get down to it.

LoudWire: Top 21st Century Hard Rock Songs
"Jesus of Suburbia" has been declared one of the top hard rock songs (so far) of the 21st Century. Great to see JOS still getting some love even though it is eight years old and was the most overlooked single on American Idiot. LoudWire makes some nice statements about the song and certainly worth a read!

The Idiots Show Their American Pride
The cast of the American Idiot Musical performed a rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner" at a San Francisco Giants game the other night. The performance was done well and we've linked to the video of it above.

Green Day unveil artwork for final part of '¡Uno! ¡Dos! ¡Tré!' album trilogy
NME.com has posted a nice round-up of all the Green Day news over the past couple weeks (and what a busy past couple weeks it has been) with topics ranging from album covers, singles, interviews and quotes, and etc. Give it a read to kind of round everything up.

PerezHilton: The track listing for ¡Uno! has arrived
I like that Perez Hilton is posting all these Green Day article on his site. I may be wrong, but I heard he was a big fan? If so, that's probably a good explanation for all the Green Day stuff. But anyway, the article is actually well written and provides some extended info relating to secret shows and other material.

Gibson: Green Day Unveil Tracklist for ¡Uno!
Gibson has also written a nice article about the release of ¡Uno!'s tracklist. Not much to say about this other than it's a good article ;)

Under The Gun Review: Green Day Announce First Single
Under the Gun Review has posted a nice summation article about the announcement of "Oh Love" as the first single from ¡Uno!. They shed a nice light on it and include the only live recording of the song.

WTF?!?! Article

Ology: 10 Early Predictions About Green Day's New Single, "Oh Love"
Ology has posted an article laying out some predictions about the upcoming single, "Oh Love." These are actually pretty funny and I don't think the writer was serious about this, rather than sarcastic. Give it a read and you will get some laughs. One of my favorites is this: "The song's chorus (or maybe even one of the verses) will, in some way, incorporate the words 'oh' and 'love.' Possibly more than once. Maybe even repeatedly."
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