[caption=Fan Of The Week Adam]070212_Untitled-1.png[/caption]Name: Adam J C
Location: Studio City, CA
How long have you been a fan: 1993
Favourite lyric or quote (one-liner): To live and not to breathe is to die in tragedy.
Favourite music video: Basketcase
Funniest Green Day moment:
In '94, I met the boys (Tre and Mike) at a music store where Tre was getting sticks for the show that would be later (Tampa Fair Grounds 94) and they got in a car with a couple, lets say healthy girls, in a beat up car with no radio (just wires where the radio should be) and Tre with a boom box on his lap. He spoke to us for a few minutes and it was fucking sweet. At the time, I had never experienced anything surreal like that. It was at the height of Dookie and I just remember (the first major round of sell out claims) and I just remember thinking these guys were fucking awesome. Rock stars to the core with their feet firmly planted on the ground. The show in front of about 800 people at the Tampa Fair Grounds that night would be an event I will never forget. It is certainly funny for me to remember back to how Mike and Tre were then. They have always had a very special place in my heart because of that initial encounter.

Share a little about yourself:
I am a concert event producer and promoter and have been since I was a kid in the early 90s. I started out as a DJ and moved in to small and eventually larger scale events. There is no drug (and I've tried most) that makes me feel as good as seeing tens of thousands of people all having a blast from something that I created from conception to completion. On the other side of my life, I call it the West side, I am a VFX producer for film and video. I produce visual fx, CGI, MoGraph and more for lots of shit. It is not as cathartic as concert properties but it's a living. I am married to the girl I met (at the DJ Booth) in Tampa, FL that was love at first sight. She asked for Bizarre Love Triangle and Tainted Love and got me for the rest of her life. She is my rock, my jewel, my luck, my life. She also thinks I have an unhealthy love for Green Day although she's a fan and was at the 94 show I spoke of above and at many more shows since. I am older than most on the forum but I love reading about all the young(er) people that love and enjoy Green Day. That is why I read the forum. I feed off of the love for my all time favorite band. I listen to all genres of music but Green Day are definitely a mainstay since I was a kid. Billie Joe is a poet. Tre is one of if not the best drummer in Rock N Roll, and Mike is one of the best bassists that compliments his band better than any band I can think of.

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