I'm excited to be able to share this awesome download with you guys. The cutest guy in the world, Gerg, sent me these files, which he got from eBay, of Green Day performing this acoustic set in 2001 on Endession 59 in Seattle, Washington. ... read story
When Billie Joe was just five years old he used to go around to hospitals and nursing homes with his dad to sing to the patients in hopes of making him feel better. This soon led to Billie recording his first song, "Look for Love" with a ... read story
For the past couple weeks we've been taking votes in for our wallpaper contest, which saw over a hundred entries and the top 10 being voted on. The winner for the contest, voted by our visitors, was this entry by Pauline: Pauline will ... read story
Last week we asked people to design some new wallpapers for GDA for a chance at winning this autographed 21st Century Breakdown special edition booklet. We had an incredible amount of artwork sent our way, over 150 entries in all. It ... read story
While on tour with AFI last year, on occasion, lead singer of AFI, Davey Havok would come out and sing a song with Billie Joe on stage. Our new Featured Download is a video recording of Davey Havok coming out and singing the song "Who ... read story
A couple days ago we posted about Billie Joe talking about Cheap Trick's song "Surrender" with Guitar World magazine. In that post we mentioned that Green Day combined Cheap Trick's "Surrender" with The Replacement's "Bastards of Young" ... read story
We finally have a new Green Day wallpaper section for you guys. We currently have 5 new wallpapers designed by designer Sebastián Andaur for us, and we look forward to expanding this section as we go forward. You can view more work by ... read story
We have just updated our Featured Download section on GDA to have the unreleased song "D.U.I" that was originally going to be on Green Day's compilation album Shenanigans. "D.U.I" is sung by Tre Cool and was cut from Shenanigans last ... read story
We have updated our Featured Download page with a new download of the song "Know Your Enemy" being played live at the Uptown Club in Oakland, California in April of 2009. This concert was professionally filmed to be used for ... read story
We here at GDA are proud to unveil our newest addition to the site called "Featured Download". This new section is pretty much just a revamped version of our older Download of the Week section with the only difference being that there will ... read story
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October 2018
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Insomniac was released 23 years ago
Oct 11:
Happy Birthday, Matt! He turns 27 today.
Oct 14:
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Happy Halloween!