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Hey all, head on over to and click on Message from Billie Joe. He just recently posted him singing "Santa Clause is Coming to Town" and it sounds fucking awesome!!! If you don't check it out you suck major ass. Sorry about the lack of updates people, but hey it's the holidays and I have things to do. I'll be up on it soon.
Hey. Mike left a new audio message at Also check out the new Poprocks & Coke video. You can view it here and while you're at it, enter the Aspen Fly Away Contest! My guestbook is finally up completely again, so please ... read story
Green Day is acting on Shelby Do Isaak Show. Check out the article here. has all of the band's audio posts here. + + Now for the GDA Contest Results... + Elizabeth: 395 Ruth: 11 Brad: 128 Justin: 226 Total Votes ... read story
Hey all! Our wonderful drummer Tre Cool was born on this day back in 1972. So everyone wish him a happy 29th birthday! And you can get drunk in honor of it, I'm sure he wouldn't mind. :) Anyways, I have 2 contests to tell ... read story
The tiebreaker has been posted here. Please vote. It will be posted until December 10 and the winner will be annoncced according to the poll results. Good luck to all the finalists. By the way, pick up the latest issue of Hit List ... read story
Ok, I fucked up yesterday. I ended the contest too early. Elizabeth Ray e-mailed me and let me know that I ended it to early and she was planning on turning in her essay. Turns out her's is really good too, so now she is a finalist also ... read story
Ok. Green Day news. There's not much of it. 409 Online has the performances of the late shows Green Day did available for viewing. This month, there is a big article in Alternative Press. Pick it up at your closest book store. + + ... read story
Today's new design finally was launched. And to celebrate, the site is giving away a pile of Green Day shit, including a mousepad, mug, picture and more to 1 of you lucky bastards. Here's what you gotta do. Write in 25 words ... read story
Don't forget to watch and tape The Late Late Show with Craig Killborn on CBS tonight @ 12:45AM (right after David Letterman). It works out great because Big Daddy starring Adam Sandler is on tonight on FOX (check your TV Guide for the ... read story
Hey all, I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving! Tre talks about what he thinks about Thanksgiving at Just think, a little bit more than a month till Christmas. Man where does the time go? Anyway, I got a new counter service ... read story
Hey fellow Green Day fans. Sorry for not updating, but I've been pretty busy. I know you already know the recent news surrounding GD already but I'll take a shot. Billie Joe and Tre both recently posted audio messages at, ... read story
Billie Joe recently posted another message at In it, he tells us how they are still in Vancouver filming the Chris Isaak Show and also he asks us our opinons on a idea he has. He was talking about the Muscians Union, and how ... read story
Well, this is a big update. I apologize for not updating last night, I was at work then I cruised all over looking for 'International Supervideos' and I finally grabbed the last video at Suncoast Video, which is about 30 minutes from where ... read story
Billie Joe posted another new song, ballad if you want to call it, at I saved a .wav file for you. Download it here. 409 Online got thier hands on a picture from the CD inlay from 'International Superhits'. You can see it ... read story
Well I have a lot to fill you in on today. I was gonna update yesterday, but I was pissed off with cops for a little certain something. Anyway. Here's the news. *Takes a huge breath* During this week, Billie posted 2 new songs on ... read story
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