[img=052212_dookiegreenvinyl.png]We've just received news that Hot Topic is releasing an exclusive pressing of 1994's Dookie on green colored vinyl. Not many other details have been released other than that the pressing would be limited to 1000 and is expected to be released today, May 22nd.

This is only the second time Dookie has been released on green vinyl, the first time being when the record was originally released. The original release was a limited pressing as well.

You can see a list of stores that the vinyl was sent to over on Modern-Vinyl.com. We'll post an update once HotTopic.com adds the vinyl to their online store.

Thanks to Mike for sending this news.
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As we posted about a couple weeks ago, we wanted you all to send in the best Green Day cover you could possibly make of a song from 21st Century Breakdown. We accepted entries until late last night and we've barely managed to narrow it down ... read story
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