Guitar used by Billie Joe during the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame performance
On April 14th, Green Day attended the 2012 Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony. The band inducted Guns n' Roses into the Hall, and also opened the ceremony with a live performance of "Letterbomb." (If you didn't catch our original post, you can watch the video of "Letterbomb" here.)

The guitar used by Billie Joe, a Gibson Les Paul Junior Special, has been listed for sale on eBay by a crew member who worked to deliver the borrowed guitar to Green Day. Here's some more info I received from the seller, cirque22, when I messaged him regarding the guitar:

"They [Green Day] were in Cleveland for the ceremony, but were not scheduled to play the opening. They needed a guitar, so I borrowed one for them from Guitar Center. When they played, I guess Billie got carried away and dropped or threw the guitar. Then, I couldn't return it to Guitar Center, because it had a small dent in it. I ended up having to pay for it, so I asked the band to sign it for me."

When Billie Joe received the borrowed guitar, he decorated it with fluorescent pink tape before taking it out onstage. When the band signed the guitar, Mike Dirnt added "RnR HF 2012." As the seller mentioned in his description, this guitar "is a piece of both Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame and Green Day history. There will only ever be one." The seller is also planning on donating some of the money raised to charity. The current bid is just over $100, so jump in and bid, and help keep this guitar with a diehard Green Day fan!

Thanks to desertrose for sending in this news.
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