Billie Joe just posted this on Instagram. Green Day returning in 2015? Let's hope ... read story
According to several sources, Green Day will be releasing a two-disc album titled "Demolicious" for Record Store Day 2014. Judging by the title of the album, we assume it will be a collection of demos and possibly unreleased material the ... read story
As the current single from ¡TRÉ!, "X-Kid," is falling down dramatically in both radio spins and chart positioning, we can only hope there is another single on the horizon from Green Day. Personally, I don't want to see the trilogy era ... read story
Last week Billie Joe announced on twitter that the band would be playing a secret show in Los Angeles but they didn't give concrete info about where the show was or when it was taking place. The show was set to take place this week, but has ... read story
Green Day is going to be playing a secret "sex party show" in Los Angeles very soon according to Billie Joe, who just tweeted several times (for the first time in over a month): Green day Surprise rock n roll sex party show meaning "secret ... read story
With the shocking, yet exciting, announcement on Wednesday of Green Day's new trilogy of albums, ¡Uno! ¡Dos! ¡Tré!, us fans were left drooling out of our dropped jaws at the amazement of the news. I mean, three albums? Nothing like this ... read story
"Ding ding... congratulations, you are the 20 millionth Green Day fan!" - Who was it then? Step forward and claim your prize! That's right, Green Day have surpassed 20 million 'likes' on their facebook page. That's quite a phenomenal ... read story
Over the past few days Billie's wife, Adrienne has been tweeting (@mnnesotagirl) pictures of stickers that say "The Boo". Speculation on what "The Boo" meant sparked quite ... read story
Lots more cool stuff going on in Green Day Land! Epitaph Records (Europe) are having a pre-order for some very cool 1,039 Smooth and Keplunk bundles, delivering in time for Christmas! The "bundles" include re-issued Vinyls (available in ... read story
You have to watch out for 'rumoursville' stories on the net, but can you deny that they are a bit of fun? After the recent rumours (sorry, America) that Green Day would be performing at the Reading/Leeds festival in 2012, we're now hearing ... read story
Billie Joe just sent out the following tweet: Green Day show this Thursday! Hint, it's not in California or New York... Exciting news! Not in California or New York, so that only leaves 48 other states in the US, and every other country ... read story
Well, the rumour mill about Green Day performing at Reading/Leeds Festival have started especially early this time round. Whether that's an indication there is some substance behind them this time, we don't know. Over the last few years, ... read story
Green Day's surprise Halloween show is taking place tonight in New York. We're getting news in as we speak! Apparently, the "surprise guests" for tonights show are Gerard Canonico, John Gallagher Jr. and Michael Esper - also know for their ... read story
Some big sites, like have been reporting that Robert Pattinson (from Twilight) is rumored to play the lead role in the American Idiot movie. Where did all this come from? No new information about the movie or casting has taken ... read story
Fans on Facebook are banding together to ask Bad Religion, The Offspring, Green Day and Rancid to do a tour together, dubbed "The Big 4 of '90s Punk Rock" tour. Their reasoning? Facebook page says, The goal is to recruit as many members to ... read story
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